New Direction Rehabilitation and Wellness, Incorporated Offers Personalized In-Home Physical Therapy

Greensboro, NC – Local business New Direction Rehabilitation and Wellness, Incorporated is pleased to offer personalized in-home physical therapy for seniors looking to receive physical therapy in the safety of their home, beginning 07/17/2020.  Serving the areas of the Triad of NC.
Physical therapy provided by New Direction Rehabilitation and Wellness, Incorporated differs from traditional home care in that you have longer treatment times (1-hour appointments), quicker scheduling of appointments, and in most cases, no physician referral is needed to start therapy. 
Patients also do not need to be homebound to receive services, so those just wanting the convenience of having therapy in their home are eligible for services.  There are also no visit limits, so the patient decides when their course of treatment ends, not the insurance company. 
New Direction Rehabilitation and Wellness, Incorporated also delivers the concierge experience to its patients by being available outside of regular appointments, personalized physical therapy programming, and 1-on-1 attention. 
“I have been Dr. Monica Tillett’s patient 1 month now. Dr. Monica's professionalism, knowledge, and friendly manner is truly exceptional. When I started my physical therapy with Dr. Monica I couldn't do many things, but with her exercises and doing EXACTLY what she tells me to do I know that I am on my way to complete recovery. So, if you are looking for a physical therapist Dr. Monica is the one.” Edyth J.
“Monica at New Direction Rehabilitation & Wellness is such a warm, friendly and smart person. She obviously cares very much for her clients and meeting them where they are (physically and figuratively). She's approachable and professional.” Triad Lifestyle Medicine

New Direction Rehabilitation and Wellness, Incorporated has been serving the seniors (65+) of the Triad and is dedicated to helping seniors avoid falls, stay strong, and remain active and independent at home and in their communities.  Services are offered in-home or through a HIPPA compliant telehealth platform. Conditions treated include: orthopedic, cardiopulmonary, neurological, pain, vertigo, and fall prevention and recovery. 
Do you feel unsteady when walking in the grocery store?  Have you fallen? Are you able to play with your grandkids?  Are you having trouble climbing the stairs in your home?  Is pain keeping you from doing the things you love? Then give Dr. Monica Tillett a call today and allow her to help you regain your independence.
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New Direction Rehabilitation and Wellness, Incorporated
Dr. Monica Tillett, Doctor of Physical Therapy
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